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[Playlist] Soundsgood #21

Au programme de cette 21ème playlist :

5-Hour Drive - World Citizen

Strange o'clock - On The River Bank

Fall Flavored - Onlife

Osmosis - Délice & Passion

Bridge of Souls - Luxury

Cleytone - Kids in a Jungle

Fools Ferguson - Why (I) Don't Know

Fiervilla - Ace of Aces

Nico Chona and the Freshtones - Screen Boy

The Mood's Trip - Here Comes the Rain Again

Cowboys From Outerspace - Favorite rock'n'roll Band

Pleasures - Feel It Rise

The HOST - Babe, Maybe

Wyvern - Factory Mania

Copernic - Holidays Ending

Bonne écoute ✌️

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