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[Playlist] Spotify #45

Au programme de cette 45ème playlist :

Volin - Cimes

Celkilt - The Next One Down

Agla and the Crows - Bordehome

Comett - The End of the World

Diamond Deuklo - Eddy Murphy

Tersim Backle - Stray Highway

Beryce - Alright (remix)

Nothing But Real - We Are Nothing But Real

We Hate You Please Die - Good Cie

Dead Myth - Gravity

Catfish Feat. Andy Balcon - Oh Me

La Pietà - Un Monde Meilleur

Les Marquises - The Trap

Horskh - Strobes

Minhsai - I.D.O. Gram

InRed - Walkabout

Goodbye Goni - Is He Honest Who Resists

Untitled With Drums - Play With Fire

Not Your Animal - Reason To Love

Chasseur - Au Lointain

Bonne écoute ✌️

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